by Jasmine Waters

Image credit: Anna Coughlan


I close my eyes.

I see you, us
What we are and what we could be
And I catch my reflection, smiling.

She’s happy.

The forgotten feeling.
What changed?


The beauty in your eyes
The words from your lips
It radiates

Her heart is thawing, warming.

And she’s happy.

Author Image: Jasmine Waters

Jasmine Waters

Jasmine is a 22-year-old media student at London College of Fashion and Social Media Manager. Essex based (although not the towie kind), catch her on Twitter having heated discussions with middle-aged women about Strictly.

Anna Coughlan

Anna is an aspiring comic artist who studied Fine Art at Crawford Art College in Cork, Ireland. She then pursued her passion for comics and graduated from the Comics Studies MLitt course at Dundee University. Shortly after she graduated from her masters, she decided to stay in Dundee to utilise the facilities of the Dundee Comics Creative Space and Ink Pot Studies comic community. She is now living in Edinburgh teaching art to elderly people who suffer from dementia.

Her work is predominantly traditional and most of her work is black and white.  She dabbles and hopes to progress into a more digital art style. She loves all things that are gothic, and especially likes working under the themes of horror and science fiction.

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