by Amy Toledano

Image credit: Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall

It’s a funny thing.
When you wet your lips.
And bite down hard.
On the way love has come upon you.
It’s a funny thing.
When you have had a broken heart.
And broken fingers.
And broken words.
And someone nurses you through it.
It’s a funny thing.
To hate the idea of being saved.
But allowing it for fear of hatred.
And sorrow.
And anguish.
Crippling you.
It’s a funny thing when he talks in his sleep.
Whispering your name.
Smiling with eyes closed.
Kissing you in a coma.
Your fist clenched and heart open.
It’s a funny thing when he doesn’t pity you.
When you cry in front of him.
And try to explain to him how fucked up your insides are.
Twisted and sick of the illness.
That you are riddled with on your best days.
It’s a funny thing when you feel free.
Because you chose the freedom.
To love.
To cry.
And spill out the blood and beauty of a past life.
And let it trickle into the mouth.
Of the woman you are.

Author Image: Amy Toledano

Amy Toledano

Amy is an actor, singer and writer from Sydney, Australia. She studied at The Australian Institute of Music and Actors Centre Sydney before moving to London in 2015. Amy has recently appeared in Submit? and Us (Theatre Utopia), both of which she wrote, as well as The Bacon KillerFlashback (Theatre Utopia), and One More Time (Tristan Bates Theatre). Amy is the co-founder of Lady Stories Productions, providing a platform for new female based works.