Welcome to our Submissions Page. Here you will find all the information you need to submit your contribution to Fearless Femme Magazine. We welcome creative content on any theme that is related to mental health, especially if it’s from the perspective of young women, non-binary people and femmes.

Here are the types of contributions that make our hearts sing:

Written works: articles, poetry, short stories, reviews

Art work: illustrations, comics, photography

Multi-media: podcasts and videos (such as spoken-word performances, poetry, reviews). Please include written transcripts for our deaf and hard-of-hearing readers.

You can either aim to contribute to one of the standard sections of the magazine, or to one of our themed issues (see below).


We have developed three sets of guidelines to help you prepare your submission to Fearless Femme. Please click on each one, to read more:

Fearless Femme General Guidelines

Fearless Femme Style Guidelines

Fearless Femme Reviews Guidelines

Podcast/Video Submission: If you are submitting audio-visual work to us, such as a podcast, youtube video, or song, please provide us with a full written transcript so that this can be published on the website along with your multimedia submission, so our hard-to-hear readers can enjoy your work!

Please read these guidelines carefully before sending us your submission.

If you have any question that hasn’t been answered here, please contact us at info@fearlessfemme.co.uk. Thank you!

Who can Submit?

Anyone can submit to Fearless Femme.

Our main target audience is young women, non-binary folks and femmes, so we especially welcome contributions from these communities. In particular, we are interested in receiving submissions from marginalised creatives – including individuals from black and minority ethnic, migrant, care-experienced or socially disadvantaged backgrounds – and using our platform to amplify their voices. Men are also welcome to contribute, especially if they have experience in caring for, or being in a relationship with, a woman/femme/NB.

In short, we want our readers to have a deeper understanding the spectrum of ways in which mental health intersects with, and affects, individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. 

Standard Sections of Fearless Femme

We have several sections of the online magazine that are dedicated to covering a range of issues that affect the mental health of young women, femmes and NBs. These are:

  • Mind – which focuses on our mental state, our emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • Body – which focuses on our relationships with our bodies
  • Relationships – which focuses on friendship, love, animosity and any type of relationship
  • Work/Study – which focuses on managing the stresses we encounter in the world of education and work
  • How Do I? – which gives handy tips and advice on dealing with a range of mental health issues
  • Reviews – which critique films, music, books and more from a mental health/feminine viewpoint

There is a rolling deadline for submissions to our Standard Sections on the online magazine, which means that you can submit at any time!

Themed Issues of Fearless Femme

Each month we will focus on a different theme, which will shape part of the monthly content for our online magazine, and which will determine the main focus of our monthly digital magazine.

The themes for the next few issues of Fearless Femme are as follows:

  • March 2018: Politics/Feminism
  • April 2018: Family
  • May 2018: Exams
  • June 2018: LGBTQIA+ Pride
  • July 2018: Body Image
  • August 2018: Dealing with Failure
  • September 2018: University
  • October 2018: Communities
  • November 2018: Careers
  • December 2018: Surviving the Holiday Break

To consider and accept submissions for each monthly theme, we must receive submissions by *the 5th day of the preceding month*.

So for instance, for the April/Family edition, the deadline is 5th March.

For the May/Exams edition, the deadline is 5th April … and so on.

Format of Submissions

Fearless Femme will release content in two ways:

(1) Directly onto our website

These posts will go up regularly (we will start by releasing one post per day, and aim to have multiple posts going live every day once we have a regular flow of contributions). These posts will be publicised across our social media channels. We accept ongoing pitches and submissions across any theme related to mental health (see the standard sections and themes issues sections above).

(2) Via the Digital Magazine

The Digital Magazine, released monthly, will be a curated selection of content focusing on a single theme, which will be available to subscribers only (subscriptions are by donation, on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis, which offers readers a range of benefits. You can find further information on how to subscribe to ‘Join the Rebelleon’ here).

The deadline for submissions to our themed digital magazines will be the 5th of the previous month (5th of Feb for the March edition, etc). Our forthcoming themes are specified above.

Any contributions featured in the Digital Magazine will then also be released on our website at some point over the following month.

We aim to inform contributors ahead of time where their submissions will be posted, and when they will go live. However we ask for your patience over the first months as we get ourselves organised.

Content Policy

Fearless Femme reserves the right to not publish articles with any kind of discriminatory contents such as:

  • Sexism, ableism, queerphobia, misogyny, racism, whorephobia, transphobia, ethnocentrism, classism.

We also will not tolerate:

  • anti-semitism, islamophobia, zionism, fatphobia, body-shaming, colorism, ageism, acephobia

Thank You for Volunteering!

As a non-profit social venture that is just starting up, we are unable to pay our contributors at this time. We completely understand if you’re unable to contribute because of this. But if you are passionate about our cause and would like to get involved, we would be over the moon if you volunteered to share your story, artwork, poetry, podcasts, reviews or anything else creative to Fearless Femme!