Our Mission

Part of our mission at Fearless Femme is to empower young women, femmes  and NBs by helping them help themselves. We want the Rebelles to know that they are not alone and to encourage and support them by sharing knowledge and words of advice. Our Resource pages aim to provide those affected by mental ill-health, be they sufferers or the friends and family of sufferers, with comforting, informative and inspiring guidance to understand mental health, to help them move forward in a positive direction.

We at Fearless Femme are highly conscious that the issues affecting the mental health of young women are not exclusive; many of those issues also affect the mental health of men (which we talk about below) and those who identify as non-binary, feminine or femme. In the case of trans and non-binary people, because national statistics tend to be gathered according to gender-normative measurements, tens of thousands of people who are affected by the same issues as young women fall under the radar, consequently leaving their needs unchecked and their relevance in the discussion overlooked by society as a whole, purely because their identities aren’t systematically convenient for researchers — this is not ok.

Everybody matters, regardless of their gender identity and behaviours, and when it comes to mental health lives are at risk. Mental health is too severe and fluid a topic to be handled strictly by semantics; and more research should be undertaken to gather data based on a sociological and identity-based model rather than being dictated by biological determinism. This is where Fearless Femme come in.

The current statistics about the mental health of young women are shocking, and because there are gaps in current research this makes our cause even more essential. Fearless Femme as an initiative aims to bring about change by collecting social science research and data on the mental health of young women, particularly those in more vulnerable categories (LGBTQ+, black and ethnic minority, and immigrants and refugees), while being inclusive of non-binary, femme or feminine individuals as well. With this we intend to make policy change, locally and globally.

Therefore, whilst the following pages will contain statistical information about the mental health issues affecting young women, we would like to stress that we are not insensitive to the communities excluded from these figures, nor are we ignorant of their importance in this discussion.

We would also like to stress that we at Fearless Femme are very conscious that the issues we discuss also affect young men, though not in equal ways or equal measure. For instance, research has revealed that women are more likely than men to have common mental health conditions, and men are more likely than women to commit suicide. Furthermore, men and women respond differently to the pressures of living in a patriarchal society – which for women, is more likely to stem from the objectification of the female body, abuse, and sexual harassment and discrimination; while for men, research has shown that aspects of ‘toxic masculinity’ are damaging to men’s mental health.

We believe it is so important for men to speak up about their mental health issues and we support every man who does so. At the same time, we at Fearless Femme specialise in female/femme/non-binary mental health issues, because as a team and as a broader community, we are attuned to, focussed on, and representative of such a demographic. However, we are far from ignorant or indifferent to men’s mental health needs and the societal toxic masculinity which prevents and discourages men from speaking up about it.

We would love to support men with their mental health issues in any way we can. Therefore, in addition to our ‘Helpful Links’ section that lists general mental health, feminist and trans organisations, please find below a selection of men’s mental health charities and resources which we hope our self-identifying male readers will find helpful. If you are a charity or social enterprise which specialises in men’s mental health and would be interested in partnering with us we would love to hear from you! So please do get in touch via info@fearlessfemme.co.uk.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Men’s Health Forum

Delivering Male Project (MIND & Men’s Health Forum)

Movember Foundation

Mankind Initiative

All Boys Rock: Men and Boys Coalition

The Eaton Foundation

Men Beyond 50 Programme (Conscious Ageing Trust)