Our vision

Our vision at Fearless Femme is to create a world in which people are aware of, respectful towards, and supportive of any individual experiencing mental issues, while promoting positive mental health for all.

We want to change the language and the culture on mental health, give a loudspeaker to young women, non-binary people and femmes to share their experiences, and to help build a society where everyone works together to increase the mental wellbeing and confidence for all.

Our mission

Our mission is strongly tied to our vision: we want to empower young women, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as femme, to become more resilient to life’s challenges, and to develop the tools and vocabulary to build a better mental place for themselves.

We are working towards de-stigmatising and increasing understanding of mental health issues, with the aim of empowering YW, NBs and femmes to overcome mental health challenges.

Our values

Our values are encapsulated in the word ‘RISCKIER’:

Responsible: We will take responsibility for our actions, lives, careers, and any problems that we come across. We are committed to ethical and responsible actions.

Inclusive: We want all young women, non-binary people, and femmes to be able to access the support, advice and services we offer, regardless of their income, social background, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or geographical location or provenance.

Supportive: We want to support and encourage others to do their best, to provide emotional help and to facilitate the flourishing of the Rebelleon (including contributors, readers, and staff members).

Cooperative: Fearless Femme is co-produced between our team and contributors, young women, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as femme.

Kind: We always take care of the people around us, and of ourselves individually through self-care.

Intersectional: We respect diversity and inclusivity in our work, within the Rebelleon specifically, and in society at large. We always take into account the intersection between gender and other human characteristics, such as race, nationality, age, ability, sexual orientation and wealth.

Empathetic: We recognise other people’s emotions, and we always seek to relate to others by putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. We strive to understand other people’s perspectives and situations.

Respectful: Every voice within the Rebelleon (including those of readers, contributors and staff) is valued and respected equally.