by Skye Baxter

Image credit: Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall

I don’t need
to enlist photographs
to reassure me of your gaze,
as the penetration
of your eyes
is emblazoned on my face.
The sordid arrogance
Of your voice
Still retains calm resonance
As I listen to the strains
Of thirties jazz musicians.
And if I delve
Into the depths
Of misguided meta-life,
Your caring hands
Will bear me
To the Eden we devised.
Prolific dreams
Encapsulate our love
As we advance into nightfall.
Pounding hard
Against my breast
Lies the seed of my defence –
My heart throbs
On a double twine,
Thus I defy your evanescence.

Author Image: Pencil Icon

Skye Baxter

Skye Baxter is a student living in London, who is passionate about writing, skydiving and dreaming. After her boyfriend passed away, Skye found her solace – and therapy – in writing poetry, which has helped her navigate her grief and explore the depths of her emotions. She is passionate about speaking up about mental health, exploring the meaning of life, and of de-stigmatising death and dying in society as – let’s face it – this is the only certainty we really have in life.