Author Image: Nicole Acquah

Nicole Acquah is a writer, performer and theatre director.  She has recently finished an  MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Nicole has a particular interest in new writing, physical theatre and autobiographical performance. She is passionate about raising awareness of issues such as racism, sexism and mental health in her work. She secretly wishes she could rap or beatbox but she can’t (yet) so she performs spoken word at venues across the UK. Close enough. Her undergraduate in Drama and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway has given her experience in writing fiction, playwriting and screenwriting. Nicole loves collaborating and is always up for hearing from other artists. You can follow Nicole on Twitter @Nico_Deemus, on Instagram @nikkiacqua and at her website here:

Artist Image: Beth Barnett

Beth Barnett is a cartoonist based in Cambridge, MA. She tells funny, bittersweet stories focusing on relationships, music, and mental health. When she’s not making comics, Beth enjoys weightlifting, and cooking. Her favourite dinosaur is the compsognathus. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram account @TheBethBarnett, and portfolio is

Author Image: Emma Berry

Emma has been writing articles since she was 16 for a number of platforms. She completed a Master’s degree in Legal and Political Theory at University College London in 2017, for which her thesis title was: ‘Why should the university give trigger warnings? Balancing justice and equality with non-repression and free speech’. Emma continues to write about and research the political significance of trauma in her own time, as well as working for a child advocacy company. You can follow Emma on Facebook at, on Twitter @emmabooberry, on Instagram @emmabooberry and her website is

Laura Brown (LM Illustration) is a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone where she studied illustration. She is currently a freelance illustrator and sells her work in Dundee. Laura likes music, tea, animated shows, video games and Space. She enjoys making fun and interesting characters. You can follow Laura on Facebook at, on Instagram at @lm_illustration and her website is

Josie is a Drama and Scriptwriting Graduate from Northumbria University, who enjoys writing of all forms. Josie has been, thanks to a feminist mother, an outspoken feminist for a long time, with particular interest in how women are written and portrayed in the media. Josie hopes to one day have her own production company, producing films and digital content that inspire women from all backgrounds. For now, she enjoys writing in her spare time, whilst working in administration and communication for local government. Josie grew up in the Highlands and loves wildlife and nature. You can follow Josie on Twitter @josiedeacon and Instagram @josieadk.

Kate Delaney (PhD, Dip. Hyp.) is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and associate member of the British Society for Clinical Hypnosis. Kate is founder of the hypnosis downloads site and runs a busy practice on the south coast of the UK. When Kate is not in clinic she is either practicing yoga or being dragged along the beach by her slightly bonkers labradoodle. You can follow Kate on Twitter @hypnosis_helps, on Facebook at and her website is

Gwen aims to see the positive side of life and tries to lift up those around her by being supportive and offering an optimistic viewpoint. Having experienced bouts of depression since her teens, she has found that writing has become an outlet to express emotions and organise her thoughts.  The mind can be a dark place, so she hopes her writing can bring a little bit of light to anyone experiencing some time in the shadows. You can follow Gwen on Twitter @gweneslee.

“Never apologize to others for their misunderstanding of who you are.” – Unknown

Author Image: Charlotte Eyres

Charlotte is currently studying History, Ethics and Philosophy and Music at A level. Having kept quiet about her struggle with eating disorders and depression for a long time, she recently discovered the healing power of writing and sharing her experience to educate others and make some people feel less alone. You can follow Charlotte on Twitter @CharlotteEyres on Instagram @charlotteleyres and her website/blog is

Remmy Fillip is the founder of Celebrating Amazing Women, a blog that features daily posts on incredible women throughout history. Her website is at: https://celebratingamazingwomen.tumb.

Sam Glass is currently employed as a Social Media and PR Executive for Thrive, who create and develop apps for common mental health conditions using clinically proven techniques for detection, prevention and treatment. She is also completing her Undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology from home whilst raising her daughter of 2 years. Sam is passionate about mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding it. You can follow Sam’s work at Thrive on Facebook:
on Twitter @thriveappsuk, on Instagram @thriveappsuk and at the website 

Sal Harris is a self-confessed gendernaut and queer witch from North Lancashire, currently living in Rennes. She’s a writer, a creative, a femme, a poet and an English teacher, among other things. Diversity and queerness are key themes in her language teaching and she also runs workshops on gender exploration through art and mess, looking at new ways to represent the gender spectrum. What happens when we talk about the taste of gender? What words will suffice for self-identification when we step away from all googleable words? She’s made of paint and scarves and her inspirations include Frida Kahlo, Kate Bornstein and sometimes a little touch of Bellatrix LeStrange. You can follow Sal on Instagram: @climbfromfires and her website is

Artist Image: Ida Henrich

Ida Henrich is a German Cartoonist, Illustrator and Designer based in Scotland. In her own work she explores themes such sex-education, growing up, and women’s experiences. Her work is written for both men and women to read and aims to start a dialogue between partners, friends, parents, and children. Her graphic novella, Minor Side Effects, is currently in its first edition and she hopes to bring out the next soon. Ida is a graduate of Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. A big influence on her work is Julie Doucet with her brilliant autobiographical comics. Ida is currently working on a number of commissions including illustrations for short stories and businesses. You can follow Ida on Facebook at, on Twitter @Ida_Henrich, on Instagram @idahenrich and her website/blog is

Skye Baxter is a student living in London, who is passionate about writing, skydiving and dreaming. After her boyfriend passed away, Skye found her solace in writing poetry, which has helped her navigate her grief. She is passionate about speaking up about mental health, exploring the meaning of life, and of de-stigmatising death and dying in society as – let’s face it – this is the only certainty we really have in life.

Annabelle Carr is a freelance illustrator based in Linlithgow. Previously a student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, she enjoys keeping busy with drawing and painting every day. Recent projects include illustrating children’s books. You can follow Annabelle on Facebook at on Instagram @atruckk and her website is

Artist Image: Paintbrush Icon

Anna is an aspiring comic artist who studied Fine Art at Crawford Art College in Cork, Ireland. She then pursued her passion for comics and graduated from the Comics Studies MLitt course at Dundee University. Shortly after she graduated from her masters, she decided to stay in Dundee to utilise the facilities of the Dundee Comics Creative Space and Ink Pot Studies comic community. She is now living in Edinburgh teaching art to elderly people who suffer from dementia. Her work is predominantly traditional and most of her work is black and white.  She dabbles and hopes to progress into a more digital art style. She loves all things that are gothic, and especially likes working under the themes of horror and science fiction. You can follow Anna on Instagram @annaaack

Author Image: Pencil Icon

Meg Crane is a freelance writer and editor who focuses on mental health and relationships. She usually works with a cat on her lap and dog at her feet. Through her newsletter and blog, she helps creatives get their anxiety under control. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @MegJCrane.

A photographer and retoucher who wants to challenge the concepts of what’s normal in society. Becky is an advocate for mental health and disability awareness and loves to create work that has a meaning and purpose as well as looking great. You can follow Becky on Facebook at, on Twitter @RegaPhotography, on Instagram: @rega_photography and her website is

Author Image: Charley Hines

Charley is an actor and broadcaster living in London. They have recovered from severe depression and anxiety, and they are working to improve the mental health conversation within the performing arts business. When Charley isn’t treading the boards, they can be found Ukulele-playing, Clarinet-tooting, book-reading, puppet-wrangling and city-walking. You can follow Charley on Twitter and Instagram @HinesScribbles

Author Image: Pencil Icon

Jules is now a GP, in her 30s. In her late teens/early twenties she experienced a severe depressive episode and had no idea what was happening to her, or even that there was a name for how she felt. Writing this has been cathartic for her, but she also hopes that others will identify with it, and take strength from knowing this: although there will always be bad weather, there is a way through it, and someone has walked that way before you. Strive to help each other.

Author Image: Emily Holmes

Emily is 27 and from Sheffield. She has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. She works in Children’s Services and is studying Education, Culture and Childhood at the University of Sheffield. She loves writing, running, cats and anything fitness related! You can follow Emily on Twitter @emerleeH21

Artist Image: Jannica Honey

Jannica Honey is a successful commercial photographer whose previous work focuses on fashion, journalism and music photography. Her award-winning images has been published in The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Aesthetica Magazine. In 2013 she spent time in the Kahnawaka
Mohawk reservation in Canada, working on a photography project related to identity and belonging. You can follow Jannica on Instagram @whentheblackbirdsings and at her website

Author Image: Ismay Hutton

Ismay Hutton is a freelance writer, editor, and nerd. She’s a streamer and podcaster under the pseudonym “aTeacupGamer” and has dedicated her life to using what little money she has to becoming a human doodle via tattoos. Suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD, she’s slowly but surely learning what it’s like to love life again. Or at least learning not to sweat profusely while signing for packages. You can follow Ismay on Twitter @aTeacupGamer, Instagram @teacupgamer and her website/blog is

Author Image: Jasmine Irving

Jasmine is a writer from Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is passionate about travel, sustainability and social action. Decade long yoga student and recently graduated yoga instructor, she loves to share this practice that originated in ancient India. Previous writing has been published in Mslexia magazine, The Huffington Post, Positive News Blog, YOGI TIMES & The Journal. She also runs her own travel blog called Coeliac on the Road. You can follow Jasmine on Facebook at, on Instagram @jasminesarayoga and her website is

Energetic Scottish mummy with a passion for adventure and an insatiable craving for new knowledge! I am obsessed with the sea and the mountains. I love sitting next to the fire writing poems and going for picnics with my little boy on sunny days <3 You can follow her on Facebook at, on Twitter @sophtiree and on Instagram @soph_iiii // @si_poems

Roxanne Joncas reads and writes whenever she gets a moment to herself. She is into feminism, veganism, minimalism and a few other “-isms”. By day, she’s a marketing specialist for the Eclipse Foundation, an open source software company, and is chief editor of the Eclipse Newsletter. You can follow Roxanne on Twitter @roxannejoncas, on Instagram @zestyroxy and on YouTube at

Tiara wearing, cat-loving secret snapchat queen. Mental health writer. Passionate about ending stigma on addiction / homelessness and all things mental health related. You can follow Just a Girl on Facebook, Twitter: @Justagirl2017x, Instagram: @justagirl17x and her website is

Author Image: Esme Leitch

Originally from Brighton, Esme now lives in the Highlands and splits her working week between the local community radio station and her old high school, where she supports students through a social enterprise scheme. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the mental health issues that face young people and, one day, would love to make a career out of writing. You can follow Esme on Instagram @esmeleitch

Author Image: Fiona Longmuir

Fiona is a twenty six year old Glasgow girl living in London. She is a professional storyteller, angry feminist and general calamity. Normally to be found with her nose in a book, buying pin badges or baring her soul for the entertainment of strangers on the internet. You can follow Fiona on Twitter @EscapologistFi, on Instagram @fiona_clicks and her website/blog is

Christie is a chronic daydreamer and worrywart in her early 20s. When not busy with her fundraising day job, she plays roller derby, reads, bakes and tries to lift heavy weights. She can often be found musing about mental health and social justice issues. You can follow Christie on Twitter @cefmac94, on Instagram @christianeilidhfrances and her website is

Author Image: Katie May

Katie is 22 years old and she has recently completed her masters’ in English and plans to undertake a PhD and pursue a career in academia. She is extremely introverted (and proud), and currently trying to find her feet as an anxious postgraduate in the adult world. Writing – whether it be journals, poems, or essays – often helps her attempt to make sense of the world around her. She has been writing poetry for about about 7 years – heavily based on her own personal experiences of mental health. More recently she has started writing a range of articles and blog posts for different organisations that reflect some of her other passions and interests, such as feminism, education, and sport.

Alexandra McCarthy is a Birmingham illustrator/cartoonist. She studied at Birmingham City University where she received both BA and MA degree in illustration.

Artist Image: Paintbrush Icon

A multi disciplined Illustrator and printmaker who incorporates textures, patterns, vibrant colours and different materials in her work. Her style focuses on a strong use of character and composition which are inspired by intriguing stories and places.

Artist Image: EthyleneQueen

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Author Image: Gemma Newton

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Jenny is a writer, actor, aerial hoop performer and accidental director of a pop-up restaurant business. She particularly loves performing in circus plays about space, but her careers advisor said this was ‘a little niche’. She usually has glitter stuck in her eyebrows. Jenny’s writing has appeared in Elle magazine, We The Food Snobs, SYRUP, Guise and more.

Carrying the innate values of hip hop culture whilst exploring new territories in dance theatre, Emma uses physicality as a catalyst for conversation and social change. ‘High octane… energetic, witty and playful’, (The Skinny) she invites audiences to question their own role in the performance and role in society.  Emma is Artistic Director of Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre and is an Associate Artist with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

Photograph: Credit Suzanne Livingstone.

Author Image: Pinja Jokiranta

Pinja is a 20-year-old psychology student from Finland currently studying in Edinburgh. They are very passionate about human rights (especially women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights) and animal rights and they advocate for these causes in many different ways (street activism, social media, art, etc.). They love to draw, paint and write poems. They’re also very passionate about self-love, addressing mental health issues and being inclusive to everyone. You can follow them on Facebook at, on Twitter @vegnpirateninja and on Instagram @pirateninjaart // @pinjj

Heather Pearson is based in Edinburgh and, through poems, prose and commentary, tells stories about womanhood, place, identity and change. You can follow Heather on Facebook at, on Twitter @betamother, on Instagram @TheGrantidote and her website is

Izzy Pilkington is an Irish actor/writer, based both in London and Dublin. She trained with the Bull Alley Training Theatre Company, and then on the MA course at East 15. Her aim is always to find her joy and help others find theirs, to give a voice to mental health, and to explore all the stories in her imagination. You can follow Izzy on Twitter @IzobelP

Author Image: Pencil Icon

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Annie is a musician, artist and writer from Devon. She moved to London just after turning 19 and has spent the last few years collaborating with various bands and projects, all the while honing in her own sound for her solo project, Austel, which will be launching this year.

As well as performing with bands Munro Fox and Lyla Foy, Annie also runs a live music night in Crouch End called Live at the Picturehouse, teaches piano and singing lessons in the local area and frequently works as a session musician and songwriter.

Her poetry, illustration and music serve as a cathartic outlet, depicting the vivid physical and verbal imagery that we can use to articulate mental health and human emotion. You can follow Annie on Twitter and Instagram @AnnieRewShaw, on Facebook at and her website is

Artist Image: Lorna Robertson

Lorna is a 2D artist for The Football Pools, currently based in Elgin. She graduated in 2016 with an honours degree in Animation where she specialised in background art and concept art. In the past she has worked​ in art education and a bit as a freelance illustrator (along with many other less exciting jobs). Lorna is trained in Animation (both 2D and 3D) as well as digital illustration and has skills in script writing, storyboarding and editing. She was also originally trained in fine art and has skills in traditional drawing and painting.

Lorna has battled with her own mental health issues for many years, since she was a child. She doesn’t think these issues ever truly go away, they stay with you and transform as you grow and change. But as often as you have set backs, you will have triumphs. Every time you get back up again, you triumph. Your strength knows no limits, so never think you’ve lost. The only way is up. You can follow Lorna on Twitter @Lorna_art, on Instagram @FullOfTea, on Facebook at and her website is

Author Image: K. T. Darling

K.T. Darling is an artist and writer from Scotland with a degree in Jewellery Design. Her creative works include jewellery, sculptures, drawings, paintings, photography, poetry and prose. Darling is heavily inspired by a love of nature and colour, a curiosity for detail and tiny things, and a need to find visual and poetic forms to express concepts and emotions which are deeply important to her. You can follow K.T. on Instagram @girl.of.nikolai

Author Image: Gee Sahota

Gee Sahota is a London based writer, producer and blogger whose focus is to raise awareness of mental health, spiritual crisis (aka spiritual emergency), and empowerment of women, through the medium of film and writing. You can follow Gee on Facebook at, on Twitter and Instagram @gee_sahota and her website is

Author Image: Pencil Icon

Annabelle Sami is a London based writer, director and performer. She is currently studying for an MA in English Literature whilst writing comedy books for children. You can follow Annabelle on Twitter @lil_nabz1 and on Instagram @lil_nabz

Author Image: Georgia Satchel

Georgia Satchel is an artist, printmaker and animator who lives on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland. She lives with her son, husband, two cats and a most remarkable spaniel. She is a recent convert to the craft gin movement.

Author Image: Amy Toledano

Amy is an actor, singer and writer from Sydney, Australia. She studied at The Australian Institute of Music and Actors Centre Sydney before moving to London in 2015. Amy has recently appeared in Submit? and Us (Theatre Utopia), both of which she wrote, as well as The Bacon Killer, Flashback (Theatre Utopia), and One More Time (Tristan Bates Theatre). Amy is the co-founder of Lady Stories Productions, providing a platform for new female based works. You can follow Amy on Twitter at @BecomingAmytee on Instagram @ames.tee and her website is

Charlotte is a 21 year old from Norfolk, UK who has learnt to find positives in all the negatives. She has had a far-from-easy life which has led her to suffer from mental illness, but she is using her life to help and support others. You can follow Charlotte on Twitter @XCharlotteFoxX, on Instagram @the_official_charlotte_fox and her website is

Author Image: Elle Vaughan

Elle Vaughan is an English poet and script writer. Elle belives writing for both the reader and the writer is the best form of escapism. She writes to make the problems and issues of now more understandable. 

Sarah Venus, from Edinburgh, is primarily a self-taught Artist creating works based on her personal experience of depression and as means of coping with on going mental health issues, her art forms are paintings and music. Sarah recently completed a project with National Theatre of Scotland called “The Adam Choir” and the theatrical production called “Adam” in which she provided some music and singing. This project was a great help for her mental well being. You can follow Sarah on her Facebook page:

Priyanka Savita is a film and gender studies researcher. She is a PhD student currently researching about the very vilest aspects of cinema: vulnerability, gender discrimination, female representation and the feminist enigma in Hindi Bollywood cinema. She’s a writer, a fearless femme, a poet and a believer in gender equality. You can follow Priyanka on Instagram @priyanka_tales2208 and her website/blog is

Author Image: Pencil Icon

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Author Image: Pencil Icon

Jess is a 26-year-old freelance creative living in North London. The top three things she’d throw in a backpack if her house was on fire (not including the backpack) are her two dogs and her ballet-shoe necklace her Gran gave to her when she turned 18.

Jess has anxiety, low self-esteem and other issues that make her nervous and insecure; but if you didn’t know her, you probably wouldn’t guess as she’s usually upbeat and smiling. Through writing about mental health she hopes to expose a little more of what she goes through, and hopefully make some of you laugh along the way. The best, most strengthening and unifying thing in the whole world is laughter. It is Jess’s favourite thing to do in her spare time, and she hope that her closest friends would nod to concur.

You can follow Jess on Twitter and Instagram @jesswarsh and her website is

Author Image: Pencil Icon

Jasmine is a 22-year-old media student at London College of Fashion and Social Media Manager. Essex based (although not the towie kind), catch her on Twitter having heated discussions with middle-aged women about Strictly. You can follow Jasmine on Twitter @thejasvalentine

Artist Image: Claire White

Scottish photographer, born in 1994 and raised in a small village in the west of Fife. Claire is currently a freelance photographer, living and working within the Scottish central belt. After studying photography for seven years, she graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree.
Her work is motivated by a wide subject matter, but predominantly the experience of the human condition, surrounding matters of identity, relationships and community. Her main inspiration comes from her own personal life and experiences. Having never been very good with words, turning instead to photography, Claire is passionate and driven to share stories through her work.

Author Image: Pencil Icon

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Author Image: Tamara-Louise Zeyen

Tamara has an M.A. in educational science and currently works as a research fellow at a German university. She is engaged in topics regarding mental health, gender studies and LGBTQIA+ activism. In her free time she likes hiking, reading and watching series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Orphan Black. You can follow Tamara on Twitter @louise_tammi

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