Hey there! We’re Fearless Femme, an online magazine that’s trying to do something a bit different. We’re here to empower young women, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as ‘femme’ to overcome stress, anxiety and all the challenges that life throws at them (‘cause we’re all Rebelles fighting against stigma, sexism and discrimination).

We want to de-stigmatise mental health and give you the tools and vocabulary you need to build stronger and more fearless mental spaces within yourselves. Basically, we want you to help US change the world, and we want to help YOU change the world (no pressure).

As a social enterprise, our mission is being funded by the European Union and Scottish Government through the Social Innovation Fund to reach out and support as many young women, NBs and femmes as we can.

And unlike fashion and beauty magazines, which often make readers feel worse about their bodies, Fearless Femme will celebrate the innate strengths of young women, NBs and femmes. It will focus on issues such as how to boost one’s self-esteem, tackle anxiety and depression, develop a positive body image, and manage academic, financial and work pressures. It will feature articles, podcasts and videos saying it’s okay to have problems with your mental health; in fact, our vulnerabilities are what makes us human.

And so instead of focussing on the negatives, we are going to focus on the positives, like:

  • how having a mental health issue breeds determination and courage
  • that our struggles to figure out our identity allows us to know ourselves better
  • that our sensitivity means we have superpowers of empathy and compassion
  • that hitting rock bottom means that you can only go up, and
  • that knowing the darkest parts of our souls means we can truly appreciate the light

And as well as all these lofty goals to shine a light on mental health, we’re also going to have fun. We’re going to test out all of the ways researchers have suggested we can develop positive mental health — from listening to music, to roller derby, to stroking a dog, to yoga, to dancing, to running…and anything else that releases those feel-good hormones.

So please have a look around our web pages. You can find more information about:

  • why we decided to create Fearless Femme in ‘Our Story’;
  • what our aims and mission are in ‘Our Vision’;
  • who’s running the show in ‘Meet the Team’;
  • and our amazing creative rebelles in ‘Our Contributors’.

And if you want to get involved in the mission of Fearless Femme, as a reader, a giver, a fan, a rebelle, an organisational partner, or a contributing writer, artist, poet or photographer, we want to hear from you!! We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from marginalised creatives so that their voices are heard. We want our readers to have a deeper understanding the spectrum of ways in which mental health affects people from diverse backgrounds. Just send us an email at info@fearlessfemme.co.uk.