Hey there! We’re Fearless Femme, an online magazine that’s trying to do something a bit different. We’re here to empower young women, non-binary people, and anyone who identifies as ‘femme’ to overcome stress, anxiety and all the challenges that life throws at them (‘cause we’re all Rebelles fighting against stigma, sexism and discrimination).

We want to de-stigmatise mental health and give you, our Rebelles, the tools and vocabulary you need to build stronger and more fearless mental spaces within yourselves. Basically, we want you to help US change the world, and we want to help YOU change the world (no pressure).

As a social enterprise, our mission is being funded by the European Union and Scottish Government through the Social Innovation Fund to reach out and support as many young women, NBs and femmes as we can. So if you want to kick mental health stigma’s butt, channel some mad positive vibes and smash the patriarchy, please sign up to Fearless Femme and Join the Rebelleon!  And remember: you’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

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